Asked Questions

No, your young person does not need an EHCP to attend and in this case, you can self-fund their time with us. Those that do have an EHCP, usually have their time with us funded by their named school or the Local Authority in the case of EOTAS (Education Otherwise Than At School) packages.

Yes, up to 18 hours per week. We will work with you, your young person and their school or LA, if applicable, to find the right hours and session times to successfully meet needs.

No, Overworld is fully inclusive. You can be whatever flavour of human you identify with but it does help if you like gaming and/or creative media.

No, we used to and may explore this again in the future but do not currently open at weekends.

All staff have enhanced DBS checks which are reviewed at least every 3 years they follow our strict policies and procedures, which include Safeguarding and Child Protection. We follow Safer Recruitment and Keeping Children Safe in Education and Working Together to Safeguard Children is embedded in our procedures. 

We have been awarded the the LOtC Quality Badge by CLOtC. This recognises that we provide high-quality learning experiences and are able to manage risk effectively. We are inspected regularly by schools and local authorities who have placed young people with us and have passed inspection by Ofsted’s Unregistered School Taskforce.

We offer AIM Qualifications

Ages 15+ – Level 3 eSports, Business & Industry Knowledge, taught using blended
learning & accessible remotely & the extended award in-house. We have Learners just starting Level 2 Diploma in Game Design. 

Ages 12+ – Entry level 3 to level 2 qualification in Personal Development. This is a broad curriculum which
offers units around personal development (stress management, independent life skills etc) as well as
Functional Maths & English

We will always try to accommodate any requests, but mentors are allocated based on what your young person would like to play or work on, their scheduled session times and their needs. Most of our mentors don’t work full-time, some are still students and they all have different areas of expertise. We are sensitive to the fact that the young people in our care prefer certainty and consistency but we do find that once they’re settled in, they enjoy working with different mentors from time to time. This is good for our mentors too and everyone gets an opportunity for another perspective, to make a new friend and learn different skills.

We offer 3hrs per week minimum. For 8–12 year olds, we think it’s best to keep sessions ~2-3 hours, up to 3 times per week. For those >12 years they may have a project they want to work on which naturally requires longer sessions (with breaks). We cannot offer any more than 18hrs per week for under 16’s. 

For Post-16’s we can offer many more hours and length or sessions can be discussed in-line with the education, EHCP and holistic goals. 

Those that have an EHCP, usually have their time with us funded by their named school or the Local Authority. 

Due to the nature of our business, we do not meet the requirement to register as an Independent school nor as a childcare facility but we are in the process of applying to the Ofsted Volunteer Childcare Register until such time as there is a specific legal framework to work within.

We have been awarded the LOtC Quality Badge – the only national award that recognises both learning and safety for learning outside the classroom providers and is endorsed by the Department of Education.

Our AIM & AIM IF courses are accredited by the awarding body AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group, regulated by Ofqual and we have just passed our External Quality Assurance visit. ASDAN & AQA regulate our certificated learning programmes.

Our mentors write up session notes and provide half termly and termly reports. After a session, you may speak to the mentor directly but if they feel unable to answer a question there are senior members of staff available all day. We are happy to provide whatever feedback you need and really welcome dialogue. For those young people with an EHCP, their time with us is tailored around meeting the outcomes and our progress reports will be written showing evidence of this.

We welcome any dialogue about how we can improve our service and user experience.