Learning Programmes

Our learning programmes are a mix of certificated, accredited and holistic learning that is tailored to the individual needs and interests of the learners. We scaffold tasks around what learners are interested in achieving, for example, if a learner is interested in being a YouTuber, then the teaching will focus around creating content for that channel and tasks are embedded around this goal. One of these tasks may be written English targets that can be addressed through writing scripts and video descriptions. Verbal communication targets can be focused on how learners communicate and speak in their videos.

Technical skill development is embedded into editing, file managing, setting up hardware and software and much more. There is a wide range of areas where we can build in learning positively, as all of the outcomes are very hands-on, and the scaffolding of their owned channels or platforms gives a continuous positive goal to work towards.

Although learning starts holistically through explorative routes, we have several different pathways to evidence learning for our young people. These are tiered depending on the level of the learner and their needs. 

They can be broken down into 4 areas:


Various levels of qualifications. Our most popular is eSports, Business & Industry Knowledge & Personal & Social Development. These are accessible remotely or face to face using blended learning.


Bespoke learning programmes developed in-house and certificated through AIM Qualifications & Assessment Group

(Investing in Futures)

SEND Specific learning programmes focused on creative media skills.


A bespoke learning opportunity taught using blended learning accessible to all levels.


UAS allows all students to engage with learning and have their achievements formally recognised.


For our Post 16 Learner’s we offer our popular Level 3 eSports, Business & Industry Knowledge, taught using blended learning & accessible remotely. The extended award also includes Tournament Management, which is face-to-face only. 

We have recently launched Learners Level 2 Diploma in Game Design. 

These are academic courses delivered through worksheets, on-demand video & online video calls or in-person chats. There are no examinations. They can be embedded into a wider programme of learning with us. 

For those over 12yrs we can also offer qualifications in Personal & Social Development from entry level 3 to level 2. This is a broad curriculum which offers units around personal development e.g. stress management, independent life skills etc.

We’re now approved to deliver Entry Level 3 Maths & English qualifications. These offer Learners a gentle transition & will allow them to confidently progress onto a full functional skills qualification when they’re ready.

AIM Qualifications & Assessment Group is Ofqual-regulated. 

For many young people, however, the academic route is not right & for these learners, we have a range of ASDAN & other certified programmes of learning.


For ASDAN, we have written a bespoke 6-unit learning programme based on creative digital media. The units are:

These are generally structured as 6-week courses and learners can evidence their learning either through recorded observation with teaching staff, through completing a worksheet that spans the duration of the learning programme, or a mix of these methods (for example, key staff can complete worksheets on the learner’s behalf by asking the questions and recording their answers to lower demand). Each unit has a final practical outcome and learners build a portfolio of work through their worksheets and their accumulated outcome. Each completed unit can be processed for an ASDAN certificate and learners who complete the fully customised programme will receive 3 ASDAN curriculum credits which can be used towards the Personal Development Programme or the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness at Levels 1 and 2.


AIM IF certifications are very similar to the ASDAN certificates but do not combine into a larger certificate and are more stand-alone pieces. Because of this they are also more involved and tend to have slightly broader outcomes and more variable lengths of delivery depending on the task. The courses we currently offer are:

These 3 are a set of short courses designed to be delivered across a few days a week. With learners under our education, we can do explorative learning for several weeks, build their confidence, and then run them through these ‘short courses’ to assess their learning and evidence their progress.

We are also currently developing several longer AIM courses. These include:

An introduction to stop motion animation

A basic animation course where learners work through how to use stop motion software and create several stop motion animations, adding music and post-production layers.

Create and launch a YouTube channel and brand

Learner’s plan and create their channel, create a logo and individual pieces of branding like banners and then film, edit and upload several videos to the channel.

Create and launch your merchandise line

Learner’s design and then create their merchandise line starting with creating ideas for designs and moving on to printing t-shirts, hats, posters and whatever else they want to create! We will use our suppliers for the Overworld merchandising we currently produce. This is a great one for OT approaches, especially around fine motor skills.

An introduction to animation principles

Learners will discover the 12 principles of animation and will create animations to evidence these. This course is fully hands-on and learners will create short animations to demonstrate every principle and will eventually finish by making their custom animation combining some of these techniques.

Introduction to esports strategies

Learners are introduced to several esports games and can learn the basics of professional strategies used within esports. Learners will analyse plays, and maps and will take part in several competitive games to try these approaches out. A great way to develop communication skills, critical thinking, performing under pressure and to develop analytical thinking as well as fine motor skills in the application of competitive play.

Create and launch a TikTok brand

Learners will learn about viral content on TikTok and learn how the platform works while planning, recording and releasing their range of TikTok videos with the staff at Overworld. Internet safety is addressed and embedded into this programme of learning.

Overworld amp Certificates of recognition

These are bespoke in-house certificates that we can award to our learners who have shown great developmental progress but in ways that may not fit a more rigid certificated programme of learning.

An example could be that a learner has spent 6 weeks focused on building a level inside Roblox and has shown great interest and ingenuity in creating this. We can create a short collation of evidence for their portfolio and create a certificate with a bespoke title such as ‘Overworld certificate of recognition – Foundation in game-level design.’ We can also include a synopsis on the certificate to explain what this is to commemorate. These certificates could also be more developmental, such as the ‘Overworld certificate of recognition – Personal development’ and could be used to commemorate large steps made around confidence, attitude or other attributes.

We have created these for learners who have completed work placements, and are a way for us to record and commemorate diligence and effort on our learner’s part and to evidence some of their journey with us when it takes an unconventional path.

Most of these courses are developed around building a solid creative media skillset. This will allow learners to build avenues for creative communication and expression, and for some learners, this will be a great way to transition back into mainstream education as it will unlock routes of access for them to engage with other types of learning.

Learners for whom mainstream education is not the correct route, it offers a powerful and diverse skillset which is highly expressive, with a vast range of real-world opportunities attached within the world of creative media and beyond. Learners can monetise on their skillsets through YouTube or social media, or can eventually work with other clients for example, running social media platforms for other brands.

AQA Unit Award Scheme

UAS allows all students to engage with learning and have their achievements formally recognised.

Students are rewarded with a certificate each time they successfully complete a unit of learning. They can build up a portfolio of certificates to evidence their skills, knowledge and experience.

The scheme boosts confidence, increases engagement and improves motivation, helping students to make progress on their lifelong learning journey.

Teachers select units they want to teach from our extensive library. The units set out clearly what learning outcomes need to be achieved and the evidence required. The teacher is free to deliver this content in the most appropriate way for their students: there are no set specifications, schemes of work or resources.

Each centre has a UAS Coordinator who is trained as part of the UAS registration process. The coordinator submits the claims for certificates, along with the evidence when required. Claims for certificates can be made year round and students can be added to the scheme at any time.

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